Friday, September 26, 2008

Travel Is Over!

I'm home! What a journey ... 9 days and 8 nights ... too much. As as much as I planned to photograph the entire journey, the only shot I have is from the last night. I stayed at the O'Hare Hyatt (which I had thought was the hotel on site at the airport, but the hotel at the airport is a Hilton!). The Hyatt is a beautiful hotel, and I had a lovely room. I grabbed a bite before crashing into bed, and it was wonderful! An appetizer called Grilled Prawns and Avocado, with Chipotle Dressing (along with some bread and wine). Yum! Other highlights of my trip? A great photo shoot in New Harbor, ME; 3 great days with friends in Chicago, shopping, dining, giggling at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter with Jasmine (the makeup artist), and going on a great river boat architecture cruise! Chicago's skyline (or river-line) is something else. Then on to Lake Geneva, WI, to another great location. But this time it was two days of hard, volunteer board work. And I came home with way too much to do. It's going to be really wet here this weekend. I hope to re-organize my office, get some laundry done, and chill/knit a bit. Hope you have a great weekend too!

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