Thursday, June 14, 2007

Time marches on

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. My 37th wedding anniversary. I'm not going to show photos - you can use your own imagination to visualize what the wedding party in 1970 looked like.
How did this happen? I don't feel old enough. I hope I don't look old enough. But time marches on.
Let's focus on the positive! Two weeks of vacation are looming, the beginning of which includes at trip to the Catskills and my niece's wedding. The whole family will be there (well amost the whole family), so it will be entertaining as well as emotional. Weddings always get to me. (Can you believe I've been married 37 years???)
C came for a long visit recently. What a cutie.

Waterplay at the Providence Children's Museum.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Chinese Thursday

We have a Thursday tradition in our office. We all order Chinese food together. There are about four restaurants to choose from. We call them Good Chinese, Cheap Chinese, Bob's Chinese (because Bob told us about the place), and then there's the default place. Today we're having Cheap Chinese because it's close and - well - cheap. Yum! Yesterday I said I'd finished a sweater - well I kind of mis-spoke. I finished knitting the pieces, but last night I spent quite awhile sewing it all together. And now I have to knit the button/neckbands, find buttons, and sew them on. Photos next week? I sure hope so! Next project? I think I'm going to tackle a Hannah Falkenberg called Ballerina. I saw it elsewhere and fell in love with it. It's a big and complex project, so I may also start a backup project - a lace wrap (or big scarf) from Interlude, a beautiful linen/silk blend with a nice sheen. But I really should be doing something for granddaughter C. I finished a cabled vest not long ago, but it won't fit her long. How about something summery? Maybe so. I don't think she should wear this little coat all summer long because it's the only handknit she has!Happy Thursday.

It's all about balance

I've just returned from a business trip. It was exhausting! I have all the usual follow up things to do - making phone calls; handling orders; creating new business opportunities. What I really want to do is just sleep and knit. Sleep and knit.
I did get to see loads of friends. I spent awhile with one special friend who I only see at shows. Hi Leslie - say hi to your sybs and mom too! We always have fun picking out knitting projects. She found some good ones on this trip!
Now it's all about the usual regain-control-of-the-house issues: I think I am now caught up on the laundry, but I dropped off about $75 worth of dry cleaning this morning; I have to do a big grocery store trip or it will be pizza for awhile; and I need to get caught up on my bill paying. All I really want to do is sleep and knit. Did I say that already?
While I was gone, H took granddaughter C to see the Clydesdales! I love Clydesdales. I have always loved them. When H was less than 2 years old, we went to a parade specifically to see them. There is a horse farm in New Hampshire, and that's where C got to see her first Clydesdales. I'm jealous that I wasn't along for the trip, but thrilled that she got to see them.
The weekend before, we spent some time at the beach. C loved collecting rocks with her Daddy. She's getting so big... I finally got two of my gardens planted (one more to go). I can't wait to be there this summer.
Oh. And I finished another knitting project. Photos later.