Sunday, September 30, 2007


I finally received my Ravelry invitation - how cool! I can't even begin to fathom all the possibilities. I'm so excited. But it's created quite a to-do list: (a) buy a new camera to take pictures of all my stuff; (b) spend time uploading everything; (c) find new "friends" in Ravelry; (d) browse what everyone else is doing; (e) get great ideas for new projects - then find the time for new projets (yeah, right); (f) take a deep breath because this is just so much fun!

I know the sun is shining, but I just want to play with Ravelry...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy Busy

Isn't it amazing how busy we can be? And then somehow something NEW gets added to our already full plate, and we find time to fit it in?

Work is like that for me right now. I thought I was really busy, then two key people in the organization went out on extended leaves, making more work for me (which is really okay - they couldn't help it), and I'm still managing to get most of the work done, somehow. I always wonder what I'm NOT doing now that I was doing before that made me feel so busy before. Apparently it wasn't that important. [On a side note, if I don't find time for a pedicure soon, my mostly-unpolished nails will be hanging off the ends of my sandals!] But when I was doing all that work before I did think it was important. Perspectives sure can change with circumstances.

We're expecting an awesome weekend weather-wise. I'm planning to sit on the beach a bit, knit a bit, read a bit, play with darling C a bit (well probably a lot). And try not to be so busy - just for a couple of days.

Show me your teeth!

We all had a great day yesterday. It was sunny and warm, but not too warm. I cooked like crazy, preparing a meal for two different cancer-fighting families. I don't cook much any more, and spending time in the kitchen for others was very rewarding. And on Saturday I cleaned my office - how rewarding is THAT! All in all a nice way to spend two days off.

Bright sun is predicted for the rest of the week - little Miss C. is prepared. And she loves to show off her teeth!