Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's been a busy few weeks. I took a trip to New York via train, and had a really good visit. I met with, ate with, and visited with my colleagues at Vogue Knitting and Knit Simple; I had lunch and dinner with my brother and his family. And I did a little visiting and shopping at three great New York stores: Knitty City; Purl Soho; and String. Each is very different from the other, with a unique personality, stock layout, and ambiance. And one of the highlights of my trip was getting to see Maksim (a.k.a. Max), who is now 6 weeks old! What a cutie. I was lucky enough to stay at my brother's apartment on the Upper West Side, and managed to get around New York via subway most of the time. What fun to be in the hubbub of NYC!

But no photos. My camera stayed safely tucked inside my bag for the entire three days.

Late last week I had a chance to drive out to Webs, America's Yarn Store. It was fun to see Kathy and Steve and show them some new things we may do next spring. And they gave me a tour of the new bead store, aptly named Webs, America's Bead Store. It's a good thing the bead store isn't in my neighborhood. I could do a lot of damage to my pocketbook there.

I meant to take pictures of the storefronts. Nope. Didn't happen.

Last weekend we went to a great wedding - my husband's 2nd cousin was married in Portsmouth, NH. A beautiful setting by the sea; great weather; wonderful family. What a nice day for them. And they really lucked out - Friday it rained, and Sunday it rained, but Saturday (the wedding day) was PERFECT! Congrats to the newlyweds. Saturday during the day, the two of us explored Freeport, ME, home to the L.L. Bean store and numerous outlets. We didn't do much shopping, but it was a nice day so we enjoyed wandering around.

And no photos from me. Not of the wedding. Not of Freeport or Portsmouth. None.

Tomorrow I head to northern Maine for our spring photo shoot. It's a beautiful area and I know our products will look great in that setting. I'll be there until Friday, then I flyto Chicago for an annual WWW (wild women weekend). Then Monday, I drive to southern Wisconsin for a trade association board meeting.


Next post will be very photo-intensive ... stay tuned!

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Kathy said...

Great to see you too! Glad the wedding was fun. The picture thing is always tough - so many I miss too :)