Friday, August 31, 2007

Why I don't like September.

I've been married to an educator for many many years (too many to convey). When he was a teacher, he usually had the summer off. There were a few years when he worked at a summer school, but not too many. As an administrator, he works for most of the summer, but it's a whole different kind of work. The level of intensity drops. Each day is without the arrival of 400+ little guys on the doorstep. The end of day can be earlier, without faculty wanting a bit more of the principal's time. Which leaves more time for family; less stress during the week; a more relaxed atmosphere at home. Ah, summer.

Guess what. The kids are back. The workload is huge. The principal's time is in high demand. At home time in the evening is sparse. We are more intense. Every September my life changes. I don't like September.

There. I said it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Monday was my birthday. I'm way too old to celebrate birthdays, but they come each year whether we like it or not. My family cooked me a great dinner and we hung out a bit; my son called from California; I received some nice gifts; all in all it was a very nice birthday.

It got me thinking about birthdays. In October, my son will have a birthday. This is the year he is making transitions - job, home, relationships - I hope he sees this upcoming birthday as a new start.

Granddaughter C (who wished me "happy day" on Monday) will turn 2 in December. Her mother will be at the end of her chemo treatments. We will ALL be celebrating.

In January, my mother will turn 88. Hard to believe!

Just a few thoughts. If today is your birthday, have a happy one.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Most summers, I can't wait to be outside, usually in the sun. This summer has been so odd. By most measures, it's been glorious weather here in the northeast - way better than in the middle of the country! But I can't seem to get myself motivated to do anything. Saturday I finished a great book, Water for Elephants (which I HIGHLY recommend), and today I finished a book I started a long time ago, Simple Genius, a good lazy afternoon read, but nothing startlingly great.

Now what.

I should go for a walk, but I don't want to. I should pick up my knitting, but I'm at a crazy place and have to really think hard and do it well - not just mindless knitting. And I don't have the energy. I could watch the ball game, but even that seems like too much effort.

I need a life...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More Books

Our book club conversation about Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was really interesting. We realized that many of the books we have read, and will be reading this fall, have themes that go back to mothers, and mother/child relationships. Not all our books are set in contemporary settings, so we can look at mother/child and husband/wife relationships across many centuries and cultures. Cultural traditions (foot binding, for example) and "the times" change, and I'm not sure we can always put ourselves back into the time in question. For instance, in 19th century China, the subordination of a wife to her husband was commonplace. Yet in our discussion Monday, many of us had a hard time imagining that role - would we have been able to stand it? would it have seemed the "natural order" of things? how do you fight what you know is somehow wrong, when all of your culture is acquiescing? Hmm.

Our next book is The Memory Keeper's Daughter. An interesting study in moral issues, husband/wife relationships, and human dynamics. I can't wait!