Friday, December 21, 2007

Packing Up

In addition to everything else that has to be done in late December, I have to coordinate getting a trade show ready. We have 4 big packing crates - you can see a couple of them above (open). They must be packed up ever so carefully; it's quite a challenge getting everything to fit, but Judy is a miracle-worker and makes it all happen. These two are only partially filled. We have to finish packing up all 4 of the trunks by the end of the day today - the shipping company comes first thing Wednesday to haul them to California, and I don't plan to be here between now and the 26th.

May you and yours have a wondeful Christmas weekend. I plan to celebrate joyously with my husband, children, and blessed grand-daughter. Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Making a List, Checking it Twice...

My husband is REALLY hard to give good gifts to because (a) he never tells me what he wants, (b) he is prone to shopping in December and getting things for himself that I may have had on my possible-gift list (I'm not sure where this December buying spree gene comes from; it's very odd but quite predictable), (c) I can't seem to hide boxes/bags from him very well - he always seems to find them, and (d) when he does see a package under the tree, he is amazingly good at guessing exactly, I mean EXACTLY what the gift is, so the surprise factor is gone.

I think I found something this year that may work - it's a surprise, I told him he wasn't getting anything this year because I was spending on my money on our granddaughter, I had it shipped to my office, I'm NOT taking it home until it's wrapped (and I may even put it in a bigger box to throw him off), and I don't think he has a clue.

Ho Ho Ho!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Turning Two

Today is grand-daughter C's 2nd birthday. When I spoke with her on the phone this morning, she ended the call by singing "happy birthday to me". What a cutie. I won't see her today, but we did celebrate her special day last weekend, so I feel as though we gave her a good send-off into her 3rd year of life. It's so hard to believe that it's been two years since she looked like this.

And now she's full of live, giggles, stories, and so much more. Happy Birthday Sugar!!