Friday, February 27, 2009


This will be a photo-less post. I've had so many technology issues lately. Do they comes in waves? First it was a loss of wireless service (at home). Still not fixed. Then it was two separate email problems at work (both fixed). Now I can't seem to get Geocities to let me into my book group's website to update it (they haven't responded to my email "help"; I can't seem to find a customer service phone number to call them; so still not fixed).

In the meantime, I've started being more active on Twitter. I do like it a lot! I'm finding new, interesting people to follow all the time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I like listing to podcasts. I have several favorites: Ready, Set Knit (I'm a guest on the show that airs on 2/14/09!) Cast-On This American Life It's a Purl, Man
I'd like to have more on my "regulars" list. Any suggestions?

Let there be light!

When I left the office Monday night, it was still light out!! It's so nice to imagine warm weather (of which we had a taste this week), and long stretches of being able to leave the office while it's still light out. You can't really tell, but here's the hint of light I saw as I was walking out to my car at 5:45pm.

Of course we still have a lot of dirty piles of snow to contend with. There will have to be a LOT of warm days for all of this to melt - and that's assuming we don't get any more! Ha.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

testing ... testing

Can I add video? Did the test work?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Trip to Portland

Last Friday I drove up to Portland, ME, to meet with my colleague, Pam. We got a TON of work done - well worth the 2-hour drive each way!

We had the pleasure of meeting Jil Eaton - knitwear designer extraordinaire - for lunch. Lots of business-y things to discuss - but what a lunch we had! I had a great salad with chicken, blue cheese, and other goodies. Jil had the lamb salad. Pam had the chicken satay special with crispy noodles - wow!!

This is a little local place. I wish we had a local place like that here!