Monday, February 25, 2008

Where Have I Been

I did it. I bought a loom. It's very small and portable, and it's called a Flip - and I love it. Not only is it portable, it was really easy to learn. At the recommendation of 2 very helpful people at Webs in Northampton, I bought the loom and a book. By reading through Betty Linn Davenport's Rigid Heddle Weaving, I was able to begin a small project all by myself. The photo above is warping. The Flip provides a spindle that can be attached to pretty much anything (I used the edge of a bookcase) and you attach the warp to the loom as you go. It's a 1-step process instead of two - easy-peasy!

Once the warp was rolled onto the warp beam on the loom (below)

I was ready to get started. I didn't take any pictures of the work-in-progress; I guess I was too absorbed! But look what I did!

The piece is about 20" long, and is W.A.Y. better at the end than at the beginning! I learned a lot and am really proud of what I completed! I used Cotton Bam Boo for the warp because I wanted something pretty thin, sturdy and non-stretchy. I experimented with various yarns for the weft. First I used a different color of Cotton Bam Boo; then I experimented with stripes. And then, I found some really beautiful Koigu in my stash. So I used the Koigu for weaving about 9", then switched to the Cotton Bam Boo in the same color that was the warp. I love it. I can't wait to try some other combinations.

A new hobby ... woo hoo!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Have you seen all the great spring yarns that are flooding into yarn shops and online stores? They are amazing. And great patterns too. Of course I'm partial to the ones from CEY.

Speaking of which, our creative director is hard at work on Fall 2008 - can you believe it? I drove up to Maine in a little snowstorm on Tuesday and worked with her on the line and other work-related stuff. It was great to see her progress - lots of photos on the walls, with little snippets of yarn and project notes. Putting a new season together is always challenging; I don't know how she does it! Once the designs are in progress, being written by pattern writers, or knitted by knitters, or being blocked for the photo shoot, then my work begins in earnest. That's when I have to put it all together, create a package that makes sense to salesreps and customers. For now, I'm just the consultant, the watchdog, the advisor.

It's hard to imagine now, but Fall is going to be great! By the way, have you seen Spring? Happy weekend.

Friday, February 01, 2008


This week my family had a milestone worthy of mention. My daughter completed her breast cancer treatments. She still has a long road - to getting her stamina back, getting her hair back, moving towards pill-free days - but surgery and chemo and radiation are complete. The joy we feel is so immense, and the gratitude we have for all those who have been so supportive the past 7 months cannot be adequately expressed. Thank you.

I am so proud of how she has managed all the scary moments, and there were a lot. She remains beautiful, intelligent, talented, a great mom and wife, and now she has another moniker: she's a survivor.