Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Chinese Thursday

We have a Thursday tradition in our office. We all order Chinese food together. There are about four restaurants to choose from. We call them Good Chinese, Cheap Chinese, Bob's Chinese (because Bob told us about the place), and then there's the default place. Today we're having Cheap Chinese because it's close and - well - cheap. Yum! Yesterday I said I'd finished a sweater - well I kind of mis-spoke. I finished knitting the pieces, but last night I spent quite awhile sewing it all together. And now I have to knit the button/neckbands, find buttons, and sew them on. Photos next week? I sure hope so! Next project? I think I'm going to tackle a Hannah Falkenberg called Ballerina. I saw it elsewhere and fell in love with it. It's a big and complex project, so I may also start a backup project - a lace wrap (or big scarf) from Interlude, a beautiful linen/silk blend with a nice sheen. But I really should be doing something for granddaughter C. I finished a cabled vest not long ago, but it won't fit her long. How about something summery? Maybe so. I don't think she should wear this little coat all summer long because it's the only handknit she has!Happy Thursday.

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