Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm Back

California was great / exhausting. We had a pretty good show, but the travel was hard. I was able to see my son for a few hours - awesome treat - and had dinner with sister-in-law and her husband. Fun.

Two years ago when I was returning from California I bought some yarn and a pattern at the last minute and spend my plane ride working on a project for granddaughter C. It was a quick knit and fun to do. I don't remember if was knitting for her last year on my way home, but I decided, when I was in Oakland, that I should make this an annual tradition - each year I'll knit something for C when I return from my January California trip. It's a 6-hour trip, more or less, and I can get some really good knitting time in. In Oakland, I bought some yarn and a pattern for a vest. I didn't finish it, but I did complete the back and most of the front. Since coming home, I've finished the front, sewed together the shoulder seams, and knit the neckline rib with picot bindoff. All that's left is the side seams and armhole rib/picot. Can't wait.

I did complete a little jumper before I left town. Too cute.

1 comment:

a friend to knit with said...

so glad you had a great trip.
let me know if you ever want me to impersonate you. :)
that jumper is too cute.
look forward to seeing the vest.