Thursday, August 23, 2007


Monday was my birthday. I'm way too old to celebrate birthdays, but they come each year whether we like it or not. My family cooked me a great dinner and we hung out a bit; my son called from California; I received some nice gifts; all in all it was a very nice birthday.

It got me thinking about birthdays. In October, my son will have a birthday. This is the year he is making transitions - job, home, relationships - I hope he sees this upcoming birthday as a new start.

Granddaughter C (who wished me "happy day" on Monday) will turn 2 in December. Her mother will be at the end of her chemo treatments. We will ALL be celebrating.

In January, my mother will turn 88. Hard to believe!

Just a few thoughts. If today is your birthday, have a happy one.

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a friend to knit with said...

Oh Betsy, Happy Birthday! (just a little late)
I have been thinking about you and yours, and hoping all is well.