Friday, March 06, 2009


Like many crafters, I have more than one craft that I love. Of course I don't love all of them equally, and the relative rankings change based on mood, inspiration, time, etc. (although knitting is almost always at the very top of the list). Lately I've become re-interested in sewing. It started with some newly-published books. Then I saw some really cute things (mostly for kids) in stores (including Etsy) and thought, "I could do that!" My success has been mixed, but I'm having fun re-discovering the craft. I have been fighting with my sewing machine a bit. I finally took it to a great little "sew and vac" place and they were super helpful (thanks Amy!). Turns out I had threaded the machine wrong and that caused the tension to be all wonky. After a quick tutorial (and a suggestion that I take a class to learn more!), I'm back on track. And what a difference a correctly threaded machine makes! Instead of feeling like the machine and I are at odds, it feels all symbiotic, and the machine is humming! I working on some simple pajama pants. I'll post real photos when they are done. And then I'm diving into this great collection: "more than 40 projects and idea for inspired stitching." I can't wait!

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a friend to knit with said...

that book looks GREAT!
can't wait to see what you crank out of there.

you should hear my has needed a tune up for about 8 years. i kid you not. it sounds like a machine gun!