Monday, December 22, 2008

Fourth File

Leslie suggested we all play along with the photo challenge. So, as instructed, here's the fourth photo in my fourth file.
It's a diaper cake that my daughter created for her cousin's baby shower. I helped her put it together - it takes two people to construct because it wants to fall down. It was loads of fun - you roll up diapers (we used disposables) and build the cake from the inside to the outside. Then you just build the layers up from there. We tied it all off with some pretty ribbon. She also added little goodies - most are hard to see except for the stuffed dog on the top.

This photo was taken on the kitchen counter at the "beach house" on what appears to be a beautiful day in June. I sure wish we had that weather today - this morning I returned from 5 days in Houston to a foot of snow!

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