Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Baseball and Bunny

It happened again! I've been a bad blogger. Where does the time go? There was a lot of travel in June (a trade show; a great business trip to Georgia, visiting shops & knitters at three wonderful locations), a lot of business to deal with (banks; customers; suppliers - but what's new with that really). And then, before I could blink, it was the 4th of July!

Summer has already been great. Family fun on the 4th, and then yesterday, we all went to a Lowell Spinners game with a bunch of knitters. It was Stitch 'n Pitch night at the ballpark, and we had a grand time. There were probably 100 knitters in attendance, including Jess & Casey of Ravelry fame.

But best of all, C came along, and brought her new best friend, Bunny.

Who could ask for more - family, friends and knitters, a new hand-knit bunny, baseball, and of course, cold beer. Happy July!

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