Tuesday, November 06, 2007

When there's too much to do...

The past month has been crazy-busy. I used to be able to cope with too much to do (at least I think I was able to ... maybe I'm mis-remembering!). But now any little thing that makes the to-do list one item too long kind of puts me over the edge.

Case in point: I went to the eye doctor this morning. For about a month I've had this haze that kind of obscures my right eye. This is my second visit to the doc; on the first visit he pronounced me fine, but asked me to come back for a complete vision test just to be sure. I can't seem to convince them at the eye doc office that it's not a prescription problem, that it's different than that. But they kept coming back to my prescription being off. So, after "which is clearer, #1 or #2" over and over again, they decided my prescription was just fine. I burst into tears. I'm not sure why, except that this haze is driving me crazy. And I have a lot of floaties too - really annoying. After crying at bit, I again tried to make my case for "it's not a problem with my prescription" once more, and darn-it-all, that doc started to pander. Now there is one thing I really really hate. Pandering. So after spending way too much time, I left more frustrated than ever. Here are the reasons why: (1) He pandered. (2) He didn't figure out the problem. (3) I still have that haze. (4) I was about 90 minutes late for work, time that I could NOT really afford to be away. (5) I'm mad that I cried. (6) It was obvious that he was pandering.

Now I have to find another eye doctor. Damn him. \

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